Nude Ranch Sphynx

NZCF Registered Sphynx Breeder

Nude Ranch Sphynx Breeder (NZ) NZCF Registered

I am a Sphynx breeder located in Taupo, New Zealand, in the heart of the North Island.

Sphynx cats are intelligent and active companions, who make their presence known by their desire to interact with family members and visitors alike.

They are not a breed suited to everyone. They crave human attention and are not recommended for people looking for a docile cat.

My aim is to breed for health, conformation and temperament.  Our kittens are pedigree, show quality from New Zealands leading show bloodlines and will be desexed, vaccinated and registered with NZCF for their new owners.

Nude Ranch Sphynx is a boutique breeder that raises kittens in a home environment with dogs and children.

If you would like an encounter with a Sphynx or two please use the contacts page to make an appointment.

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We are proud to be one of the few Sphynx breeders who have annually HCM scanned cats: we use and have used veterinary cardiologists, veterinary radiologists, veterinary radiologist specialists and veterinary cardiologist specialists, depending on where our cats originated and the terminology used in the country of scanning as well as availability of those qualified to HCM Scan by ultrasound.  (Some of our more recent lines imported include lines from Australia, Sweden, UK, and USA).


Our kittens are from HCM clear parents.
Documentation available on request.